Whitmuir's Getting Ready for Christmas

Heather and Pete

 We have Turkeys! Only £13/kg!!

Our turkeys are now available for adoption.

Fill in an order form below.  

Christmas is coming, and we've been working hard to put together some special Christmas events & products to help take some of the pressure off you.

Christmas Dinner Essentials

At Whitmuir, we know that Christmas is the most important meal of the year. That's why we've put together an online order form to help you get everything you need for the big day. 

Online Christmas order form - here.

Printable version - here 


Christmas Meals - 100% sustainable wining & dining

The restaurant will be serving a seasonal menu - coming soon!

You can book by calling the restaurant on 01968 661147 or by booking online!


Ethical Gifts

In addition to our stocks of fair trade children's clothing, toys, cotton socks, we also have gift vouchers and lovely hampers.

Yes, you read correctly - in addition to our fantastic year-round hampers we're offering special themed Christmas hampers - tailored to fit your budget.

Take your pick from a range to cater for everyone from the most demanding foodie to a starving student close to your heart right here on our Christmas hampers order page.